We differentiate ourselves by providing elite quality and healthy English bulldog puppies  to bighearted people.

We take pride in our Bulldogs and strive hard to place them in good families.

We have come up with an easy, fast and safe way for you to locate one of the best family companion you could ever ask for.

Real Bully
(not an actual dog)


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  1. Browse available puppies on our Puppy Page

  2. Each puppy has a More Info button for more pictures, description, and pricing information.

  3. If you fall in love with any of the available puppies please email for our required application, with questions or for additional information. We encourage phone calls at 817-812-4757.

  4. To reserve a puppy first make sure the AVAILABLE status is still on the Puppy page. If it is then you can click on  Place a Deposit button (BUY NOW) to start to process to reserve your puppy. Once you hit submit this will automatically place your adoption into our database and render your puppy as pending adoption.

  5. Once we get the adoption request we will be in touch shortly to process your application, finish up important details and paperwork.

  6. Please feel free to contact us and email the information of the new owner (Name, address, contact phone #, email address, name of the closest international airport and if you are thinking about getting an official pedigree papers (for a small extra charge). You can send this info via Contact Us form on our website or via elitebully@gmail.com

  7. All puppies must be a minimum of 8 weeks old to ship. Most are shipped between 10-14 weeks as we feel they are mentally and physically more mature and can handle their exciting new transition better. Puppies ship direct from the breeder to your closest International airport they DO NOT arrive here at Elitebully due to changes in importation laws. Please inquire about your location. A Veterinarian will check all puppies before they arrive at your home. You will have 5 business days to have your puppy checked again by a licensed veterinary of your choice to activate a warranty. A detailed email of your puppy’s health records, shots, wormings and feeding schedule will be sent prior to your puppies arrival. We will be in contact with you and walk you through the delivery process. We will also spend time education you ( as a new owner) on the best ways and practices to properly welcome your puppy and how to provide the  easiest adjustment experience to your new family member.

  8. You should be waiting at the airport at the given time with the given details for pick up. A valid photo I.D. along with all paperwork will need to be present at the time of pick up. Once you get your puppy please contact us immediately to notify us of a safe arrival.

  9. We gladly welcome long-term friendships — we are always here for advice and appreciate photos and information on your puppy’s development.

Please email us at elitebully@gmail.com for our current contract and required puppy application.
NO REFUNDS OR CHARGEBACKS allowed for ANY reason. ONLY full credit for another puppy will be given for any and all reasons. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR ANY SITUATION OR CIRCUMSTANCE!

If you are unhappy with your puppy for any reason that is not covered under the contract, and that we feel is valid, we will possibly work with you on getting a second puppy at a significant discount. We review each case individually and retain the right to refuse a discount for another puppy at any given time.
We will not swap or exchange puppies if you are unhappy with the way the puppy looks when he/she arrives, unless clearly states in the term of the agreement or displayed on our website as a Guarantee.  
Please understand that these are not items, these are living breathing creatures that require a lifetime of commitment. They may not be as energetic or excited to see right after a flight as you may want.   Be sure you ask for current photos and select the puppy that you are positive you want to become a part of your family and dedicate your life to!

Call: 817-812-4757

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