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Ladies and Gentlemen

Elitebully proudly presents you with great opportunity to add to your family exceptionally beautiful, strong, healthy, well mannered and behaved  pure blood English Bulldog from a strong Mega Champion bloodline. This bulldog come from an extremely strong and beautiful bloodline and grown up to be meeting and exceeding bulldog standards. His family got him from us about year and a half ago and Harley has been a proud member of the family, living in a million + home and receiving a royal treatment some of the dogs can only dream about. He was given the best food, regularly seen one of the best local Bulldog specialist for checkups and went through a number of obedience and training classes. Even though there were 2 other bulldogs in a household, Harley has been the pride of the family.

Unfortunately, dramatic change in economy together with recent death of a family member forced Harley's owner to substitute many years of steady employment with a new consulting job that  requires lots of travel and potential relocations to different cities.

We were asked if we can help to place this wonderful boy in a new, loving home where he will be given all the love and care he deserves.

Today Harley is at its prime. About 110 pounds, pure muscles, he stops the traffic and turns heads anywhere he goes.  Just turned 2 years old, he looks, feels and acts like any high quality Bulldogs should. With a lot of potentials he will make any family extremely proud. According to his current owner he does not have any medical, emotional, behavior or any other kind of problems. He is registered with RKF/FCI and AKC. Party trained and house broken. He has never attacked anybody, good with kids, other dogs and animals. Up to date on all the shots and vaccinations.  Harley is not fixed but his owner explained to us that he is not interested in placing Harley with any of the breeders as he does not wish Harley to be used for breeding purposes. Harley needs nothing but a new home where he will be loved and cared for.

Many of the people would love to have a great quality, genetically clean dog with no health issues that already have been trained, cared for and passed this puppy stage. If you are one of them this is your lifetime opportunity to get an English Bulldog of your dreams for a fraction of what it should cost. Harley lives around Chicago area and unless you also live there he will need to be shipped. The adoption price payable directly to the owner of the dog is $2475 and we estimate shipping cost to be around $300 anywhere in continental US.

All the above information was provided by Harley's current owner. Elitebully is not providing any warranties on this dog. Health records available form the dog's veterinary directly upon request. This listing was created in effort to help to advertise this wonderful bully and help his current owners to find a good loving home for Harley. Feel free to contact the owner directly to verify all the information, ask any questions and get more pictures. Elitebully will be glad to assist is any possible way and answer any question you may also have.

Harley now


Harley as a puppy


This is a copy of the bloodline from the Father side. Fireboss is the most requested Sire we have and his puppies always grow up to be beautiful and healthy.
(CH =Champion followed by a 3 letter obriviation for the country the dog won the competition)

CH Champion:
Dogs must acquire 15 points, including 2 majors won under different judges and at least one point under a third different judge. [ Conformation ]
Champion of Champions Class. (The best of the best.) A dog must earn (5) five Champion of Champions Class to enter this competition.

Father of the Featured puppy

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Grandfather of the Featured puppy

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Do not wait until the last moment to place a deposit, secure your baby early.
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