Why do people get those funny looking dogs? (Videos)

English Bulldogs often refer as a lazy breed and do not require a lot of exercise. As an adult, a short walk around the block or 10 min outside that is all they will need most of the times.

Sometimes they do not even have to run themselves, humans will take care of that

English Bulldogs are cool, they just want to be with you and like to do things you enjoy to do. They will love to sit next to you when you on a computer, reading a book or watching TV. Sometimes they will even do those things by themselves :)

English Bulldogs love treats, there is no limits how you can pay them back for their loyalty.

English bulldogs are not aggressive will never attack people, little kids, other animals. Their sweet and usually not a very good guard dogs.


If you feel lonely, you will always have someone to tell you about their "rough" day.


Even though they like to stay inside, they enjoy all kind of weather (for short periods)

English bulldogs like to swim,

English Bulldogs are very similar to kids in many ways.

English Bulldogs enjoy all king of occasions, but their favorite is Halloween

English Bulldogs sleep funny and often snore like humans do

English Bulldogs are very good with other animals

Many celebrities have this breed as their own family members

Most of all Bulldogs will love you more than they will love themselves, they are very gentle, kind, giving dogs, that are very good with kids and other animals....

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